Carabineros and traffic lights

At the mouth of the river Llobregat, are the Espais Naturals del Riu. We will do 1 excursion that goes along the road and the Bunyola tower, passing through the old carabinieri hut, the Semaphore house and the Cal Tet viewpoint. A route without unevenness through the Delta del Llobregat that can be done by bicycle, where we will see airplanes, ducks, fish, birds, horses and sheep.

Through the Bunyola canal or along the parallel path. We take this path, passing between orchards next to the stream and arriving in a straight line to the sea. You go through several bridges that connect both roads, where right in the middle there is a water channel. Further on there is a detour to the Cal Tet viewpoint. We will leave it for later, since we will return to this place.

Take a detour to the Cal Tet viewpoint.

We find a herd of sheep, camouflaged. The path is always in a straight line, without unevenness and perfect for cycling or baby carriage. Planes, birds and see sheep continually pass by with the colors of the vegetation. The truth is that this entire area is very photogenic! The views from the Bunyola tower are fantastic, since we can see Barcelona, the Baix Llobregat, the Garraf and the Montserrat mountain. Here you can observe birds

La caserna dels Carrabiners
The excursion continues along a path that goes to the Carabineros and the Semaphore buildings, crossing the Bunyola bridge. The old barracks of the carabineros is abandoned, in a dilapidated state but restored so that we can enter safely.

L’edifici del Semàfor
The next building to visit is the Semaphore house, also abandoned but conditioned so that you can see it without fear that the ground will fall. It is from 1887 and was used to control maritime traffic.

Carabineros and traffic lights

Starting point: crossroads between the road to Valencia and the road to the Marina, in the Bunyola area, El Prat del Llobregat (Barcelona).

Distance: 4,6 Km.

Duration.: 2h. 30 min.

Non-circular route.